What’s The Damage? How Much Will It Cost To Become A Professional Photographer In Houston?

What It Costs To Become A Houston Professional Photographer

The role of a photographer is to capture and preserve images with an aim of recording events, telling stories of even selling products. In this read, Apex Photography Solutions is going to look at how much it costs to become a photographer.

The Typical Costs

Most aspiring professional photographers get their degrees from a four-year course in photography, fine arts or a field that is related to the photographic subject they desire. In 2012, the cost of getting a four-year bachelor’s degree from a public college was around $8000 annually. for in-state students. Four out of state students, however, the costs averaged at around $20,000. For instance, the University of Texas, located in Austin offers a photography major for $10,000 in tuition per year.

In the same year, the average cost of getting a 4-year degree in photography or fine arts from a private school was between $15,000 to $30,000 annually depending on whether it was a for a profit or nonprofit university. However, the costs can go higher and higher. For instance, Brooks Institute, a for-profit college in Santa Barbara, California offers a 4-year degree in photography for $78,000.

Getting a 2-year associates degree in photography usually costs $3,000 each year. For instance, Lebanon College of New Hampshire provides an associate degree in the field for $4,000 annually.

Those who do not have formal education may choose to take continuing courses in photography, networking, business, and other related fields.

As you may already have guessed, public universities are usually less expensive compared to private ones.

In order to do an excellent job in professional photography, you need to purchase the necessary equipment. Your first act will likely be purchasing a camera, which can set you back anywhere between $500 and $5000 depending on your needs. Also, you may want to have more than one lens, and these usually range between $60 and $2000. Check out our extensive blog and growing portfolio to see the various uses and products you may need for certain areas of specialization.

What’s Included?

When it comes to portrait photography or any other form of commercial photography, formal education is not needed. Commercial photographers like portrait or wedding photographers usually don’t have degrees. However, for fields like photojournalism, you will be expected to have a degree in photography, journalism, fine arts or a related course.

Most photographers operate on a freelance basis or as a small business. Some start their careers as apprentices, while others get work through friends and networking or through classifieds.

Before purchasing a camera and lens, you should consider what kind of images you will be taking. The Nikon D200, for example, goes for around $1500 without a lens and up to $3000 when you include a lens. It is a DSLR that is popular for things like sports photography. Different equipment is appropriate for different things, have a look at our services page to get an idea of how many different aspects a professional photographer can fit into.

Additional Costs

Some aspiring photographers may also consider joining a photography trade association in order to hone their skills and network. Membership to these associations, like the National Press Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers of America cost between $25 and $350.

Additional equipment includes camera bags ($100), tripods ($100 to $1000) and memory cards that cost $15 on average.


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