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Top-Rated Photographer In Austin, TX

Apex Photography Source is your source for top-rated professional photography. We offer a diverse array of artists with specializations in numerous styles of photography service. We’ve been providing residents and businesses with professional photography services for more than a decade, and our work sees broad use across many commercial and freelance areas of business. We take pride in providing photography which demands the attention of clients, given our attentive mindfulness of details ranging from image lighting techniques to the shoot location to editing and more. Having said that, we know that paying proper attention to the personality of our clients usually results in the most in-tune photos and work.


Our Houston professional photography sessions include traveling to clients and locations as far as 50 miles away from our digital studio in the city. If your ideal location is outside the service radius, feel free to contact us. For modest fees, we'll happily accommodate farther locations to get client projects done in places like Columbus, Galveston, and Sealy. If we need to fly to your freelance or business destinations and events, we take advantage of Houston's two primary airports.

Our studio comes equipped with various professional backgrounds, customized workstations for digital editing, and commercial-grade lighting and equipment. We provide complimentary clothing consultations, and we can make makeup and hair salon services available to you when requested.

Contact us right away if you are opening up a new business, pursuing a career opportunity, celebrating a wedding day, or just looking to capture a memory important to you and your family. See the difference with your own eyes, since our product is distinct and speaks for itself in a field where imagery is all that matters.

#1 Professional Austin Photography Services

We expertly redo your photos and videos to produce premier work. We have a committed team of professionals who ensure that we produce high quality photography and videography in Austin, Texas. We will work alongside the client in a friendly manner to understand their needs so that we can provide them with only the best photography in Austin. We accord the same attention to all our clients regardless of their business or personal background. Blair Hilsher and his colleagues are successful photographers and videographers. They formed Apex Photography Source about a decade ago after offering their freelancing photography services to friends’ weddings and church events. They attracted prestigious assignments that required a company to handle them; hence the formation of Apex Photography Source. As the performance continued to be impressive, we decided to hire a team of photographers with wonderful skills and abilities with the high dedication to take time and understand our client and offer a personalized service. Our unique mixture of techniques and technologies used in production of our work makes us to be number one option for prestigious weddings, premier events and much more. We are unique because of our ability to use a storyteller who captures all the essential details and the application of rare cinematic methodology. We are driven by the knowledge that extraordinary moments in life are not only interpreted by their subjects but the impact they have on the people who share them too. We are excited by the ability of photography to display the true feelings that mark the occasions of our clients. This is overt from our initial meeting up to the final journey when you come for your product at our studios.

How Our Photography Process Works

We jointly and collaboratively work with your institution prior to, during and after your photography event to ensure that the details captured on your photography are suitable and expertly done to achieve your needs.

 1. Discovering Your Photography Needs

We shall figure out the aims of your photography so that we exceed your satisfaction after attaining them. Apex Photography Source is determined to do what is humanly possible to provide a shooting service to our customers which exceed their expectations. We strive to lead in the industry in the way we execute our services.

 2. Preparation For Your Photoshoot

We ensure that all the equipment needed is ready and the crew is informed accordingly as per schedule.

 3. Executing Our Strategies

You will have our crew visiting on time and take high quality photos or videos. Apex Photography Source is driven by quality work.

 4. Delivering Top-Quality Photography

You will have your captivating results delivered. We have a professional eye for timelessness and artistic expression. Apex Photography Source captures rare family moments and provides them with intimate and elegance touches.

Book Our Expert Photographers In Austin, TX

For the best quality service contact Apex Photography Source. We honestly want to capture your true feelings during important moments of your life. To get more information, visit our website or call us at (832) 323-6806.

Apex Services

Apex Photography Source Is Your Top Rated Photographer To Help You Make The Perfect Memories

We professionally retouch and edit your videos or photos to deliver the highest quality work product. Our passionate and talented team is fully dedicated to making the magic happen. We will work closely with you in a fun, collaborative, and warm environment where the focus will be on understanding all of the details of your message and journey so that we can create the most visually compelling and authentic story.  From fortune 500 companies attempting to compete with in the global economy, to entrepreneurs struggling to fully understand their brand, to actors searching for their big breakthrough, we always with the same drive, focus, and intensity.

Boudoir Photography

Life gets hectic in between work, carpooling, and errands. We really feel that each woman should take a break from the everyday and indulge in a little healthy selfishness. Do something that is out of your comfort zone. This is one main reason we are so passionate about boudoir photography. As a boudoir photographer, my style is flirty, feminine and artistic. We do not do fake or cheesy photos in our boudoir sessions!

Engagement Photos

Apex Photography Source engagement sessions are intended to be a low pressure, fun experience for you. Our main focus is on your relationship’s subtle nuances: how he is able to make you laugh harder than anyone else can… The way his eyes light up whenever he feels your hand in his. And how you can’t resist stealing a kiss whenever the two of you get too close. The two of you share an unspoken language of true love and that is what we want to capture with our cameras. Shy, romantic, silly hearts, all you need to do is simply be yourselves. We can take care of everything else. There are several location options that are available for you to choose from. We are also happy to go just about anything in order to turn your vision into reality. So let’s chat if you have a certain location in mind.

Top-Rated Wedding Photographers

Working with our photography company in Houston, from the very first meeting, will provide you with an experience that is unlike those you get from traditional wedding photographers. We are easy to talk with and very down to earth. We ensure that your planners and you are comfortable with us and that we fully understand what your vision is. We will capture your story without detracting from your experience.

Maternity Photography

The best time to book a maternity photo session is generally somewhere between the 32 and 36-week mark, so that it does not take place right near the time you are going to give birth. This time frame still affords us a great opportunity to capture the full baby bump in all of its glory. Make certain to get in touch with our team of professionals before your second trimester ends to make certain to get a date you want. If you are a fan of discounted pricing, consider Maternity and Newborn session package. By booking these as a pair, you can realize some real savings when they are needed most.

Newborn Photography

Because we are dedicated to providing the best in newborn photography, we make certain that each session is characterized by a classic, traditional feel. We are proud to capture your baby sometime during his or her first 5-14 days. Because the first couple of weeks with a newborn are hectic and sometimes stressful, we are happy to create a temporary studio within the comforts of your own home. There is no need to leave the house to get the keepsake images your entire family will adore.

Individual Headshots

Instead of awkward or forced poses, I use prompts such as “tell me about your favorite vacation/recent trip/your kids” which helps to make the photos more personable and the experience more enjoyable.

Lifestyle Business Portraits

For a person who needs more than just the standard headshot.  These usually last hours (if 2 locations are used it is longer), we get a mixture of candid and look-at-the-camera shots.  If you like, include various outfit changes and backgrounds.  The goal is to provide a library of images that can be used for social media, blogs, and websites. 

Special Projects

Here is the “other” category!  I have photographed a commercial fishermen sitting in his custom charter boat, sustainable camper trailers within a forest setting, and wind turbine fields belonging to a renewable startup.  So if your small business needs photos, please get in touch!

Social Media Series  

I provide packages where several quick sessions are done throughout the year that provides you with a continuous supply of content and images that you can use on your social media accounts.  Here is an example of a series: workspace/office session, business portraits from a studio, personal outdoor session (exploring Houston, hiking, etc., engaging with customers).  Request a custom quote from us.

Food Photography

I am a natural light photographer and love photographing beautiful food along with the chef behind the cuisine.  I offer sessions for general food projects, social media accounts, and food bloggers.

General Photography

Start a Movement Without Saying a Word. Apex Photography Source is recognized as one of Houston’s top photography studios.  Our specialty is people.  We are your one-stop shop, from fashion lookbooks, album covers, business portraits, actor headshots, to lifestyle and global commercial campaigns.

Branding and Product Photography

Building Your Brand Without Saying a Word. Rediscover or discover your brand, from conceptualization and market analysis to implementation and execution across all platforms. We help to bring new markets and breathe new life into existing brands and assist entrepreneurs and startups create completely new brands using the most captivating marketing and visual imagery.


Changing Your World. This is the most impactful and direct medium you can use to share your brand or company story.  From promotional videos up to full-scale commercial productions, our services include creating comprehensive campaigns starting with the initial script and idea to every production and delivery across all of the digital platforms.

What Our Headshots Can Do For You:

  • Self Empowerment

  • Market Yourself

  • Control Your Personal Branding

  • Position Yourself As An Expert Within Your Field

  • Close That Deal

  • Get That Deal

  • Take Control Back Of Your First Impression

  • Stand Out In The Crowd

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