Newborn Photography

About Apex Photography Source - New Born

Newborn Photography Sessions For Your Bundle Of Joy

Because we are dedicated to providing the best in newborn photography, we make certain that each session is characterized by a classic, traditional feel. We are proud to capture your baby sometime during his or her first 5-14 days. Because the first couple of weeks with a newborn are hectic and sometimes stressful, we are happy to create a temporary studio within the comforts of your own home. There is no need to leave the house to get the keepsake images your entire family will adore.


The newborn portraits for which we are known utilize three distinct styles of baby wraps, and we also offer bean bag poses designed to ensure the complete safety of your little one. We do not make use of endless props which can create a cluttered appearance. Instead, we concentrate on simple, natural and timeless items that serve only to enhance the beauty of our newborn subjects. Our goal is to showcase what really matters, namely, the innocence and newness your family in which your family is basking during this wonderful time.

Our photographs make the most of every adorable feature your baby brings to bear. Chubby cheeks, peaceful slumber, and wide eyes are just a few of the elements that make for a stunning newborn picture. After months of waiting for their arrival, now is your chance to memorialize one of the most cherished experiences anyone can experience in life.

To our minds, there is nothing quite as special as taking photographs of newborns in the loving surroundings of their own homes. If you have any questions or concerns about newborn sessions with Apex Photography Source or how to go about booking your appointment, we invite you to contact us at any time. It is our honor indeed to be part of your family's inner circle during the magical weeks that follow the birth of a child. Choose the best professional photography company Houston has to offer!