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Maternity Photo Sessions For The Most Memorable Times In Life

The best time to book a maternity photo session is generally somewhere between the 32 and 36-week mark, so that it does not take place right near the time you are going to give birth. This time frame still affords us a great opportunity to capture the full baby bump in all of its glory. Make certain to get in touch with our team of professionals before your second trimester ends to make certain to get a date you want. If you are a fan of discounted pricing, consider Maternity and Newborn session package. By booking these as a pair, you can realize some real savings when they are needed most.


It is possible for your session to happen in your own home or at another site of your choosing. Lots of moms-to-be enjoy having their photos shot at home, as it provides a glimpse into the family home. This also allows greater flexibility with wardrobe choices and the ability to photograph the belly more than might otherwise be possible.

Should another setting be more to your liking, we can collaborate to find just the right spot to fit with your artistic vision. Urban settings and those in nature are all possibilities, as is virtually anything in between.

We certainly understand that some expectant mothers fell a bit self-conscious about the idea of maternity photo sessions. The changes that pregnancy has on a woman's body can sometimes be significant, and some find it difficult to feel beautiful. However, we want to remind all moms-to-be that giving birth is among the most incredible achievements in life, and documenting the small window of time known as pregnancy is something that will never be regretted.

By engaging the services of a professional photography company in Houston that can highlight the radiance, anticipation and joy of this time, you can rest assured that you will end up with truly precious keepsakes for you and your future child.