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Family Portraits In Houston, TX

One of the most important things you can have is a family portrait. Life changes constantly. This is why having something to remind you of a specific time you shared with your family is nice to have.


Here at Apex Photography, we offer photography services in Houston and we have a wide definition of what family is. Parents and children is one definition, but there are also ones that have two spouses. A single person is also a family portrait, as well as ones with dogs, cats or other pets in it. Even those closest to you can be considered family.

Anytime is the perfect time to take a family portrait. Family members' schedules are often hard to coordinate and it's easy to schedule a portrait for a later time. However, you can actually turn a portrait into a family union or have it done around the holidays.

Family portraits are one of those things you can only do once. Families change, expand, shrink and age. An addition to the family, such as a spouse or baby, is good enough reason to have a family portrait done.

Even if a family doesn't have an addition, it's still good to have a portrait done every so often. Generally speaking, every 3-4 years is ideal for having a new portrait done. This will allow you to chronicle your family throughout the years.

We believe every family is unique. Each member of a family has their own personality and different dynamics when everyone meets in person. When they do get together, they always have fun.

The days we spend together with family members are the best family photos. That's what we want to do with your family portraits. The bottom line is you want to create special moments with your family and you want to remember them for the rest of your life. This is why you should have a portrait done soon.