Engagement Photography

About Apex Photography Source - Engagements

Are you not very comfortable being in front of a camera? Do you need some help (or a lot) with direction? Do you see yourselves as being less as supermodels and more as awkward? No problem?


Our Apex Photography Source engagement sessions are intended to be a low pressure, fun experience for you. Our main focus is on your relationship's subtle nuances: how he is able to make you laugh harder than anyone else can... The way his eyes light up whenever he feels your hand in his. And how you can't resist stealing a kiss whenever the two of you get too close. The two of you share an unspoken language of true love and that is what we want to capture with our cameras. Shy, romantic, silly hearts, all you need to do is simply be yourselves. We can take care of everything else. There are several location options that are available for you to choose from. We are also happy to go just about anything in order to turn your vision into reality. So let's chat if you have a certain location in mind.

We have put these sets together from some of most favorite engagement sessions. If you would like to see more of our work, please review our portfolio for complete access to our entire engagement portfolio. The photos we take are all about you and not us as engagement photographer. We draw inspiration from your personality and style to create photos that represent who the two of you are a couple.

It is an exciting and special time in your life when you are engaged, and we will listen to your direction and ideas carefully when it comes to the types of moments that you want to have captured. For couples who are testing out wedding photographers, Apex Photography Source provides a la carte engagement photography sessions, and we can also provide clients with a discount on Houston photography services who choose Apex Photography Source to be their wedding photographer. We truly love seeing how couples interact, and the more we are able to learn about them, the more authentic we can capture them and their relationship.