Commercial Photography

Apex Photography Source - Commercial

Like you, we strongly believe in business. That is why we stand out so much because we treat your business just like we do our own. For more than ten years now, we have been shooting the best commercial photography Houston has to offer. We have photographed everything from CEOs of major corporations and corporate headshots to architectural photography and product catalogs. This has given us the insight to be able to shoot with a publication or end design in mind.


All of our commercial photography projects start with either speaking on the phone or meeting in person to determine both the long-term and short-term goals for the commercial photography of our clients. When final usage is determined it helps us envision how each campaign should be shot and how each image should be framed. Shots may take place at our studio, at our client's location or at another location that is relevant to the subject matter we are shooting. We will then create online galleries afterward to help decide which images will be most useful to our client's graphic designers, art directors or marketing departments. The lead time on post-production will vary depending on the scale of the project, but in general, it takes 1 to 2 business days. A majority of images get delivered from our site through direct FTP download, however, they are available also via CD or DVD by request.

We have a graphic design and advertising background and work continuously with art directors and graphic designers throughout the project to make sure that every step that is taken supports your long-term marketing goals. During the shoot, our laid back personality, direction, and attention to detail help our clients relax and have fun in front of the camera. Even our clients who are camera shy can attest to this! The atmosphere helps to create those final images that help to bring your inner beauty out so that your audience will not only see you as a brand but as an individual as well. One of our favorite parts of what we do is building lasting and new friendships with all of our clients.