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One thing that wedding photographers frequently assume is that grooms and brides are not too familiar with the various aspects of wedding tradition. For instance, when we started to meet couples for a wedding photography consultation, we would begin by getting to know them better and ask them which services they wanted the most. As we were walking them through the different services that we offering, whenever we would mention "bridal session" we would stop. We would either be met by a completely blank stare or enthusiastic nod. We had been assuming that everybody knew what a bridal session was, but since then we have learned that definitely isn't true. So today I like to go over what a bridal session is and why you might want to schedule this bridal photography Houston service.


The bridal portrait session is a specifically Southern and fairly old tradition that started in Europe. A portrait session is scheduled by the bride the solely focuses on herself and occur well ahead of the wedding day. The is photographed wearing her wedding dress. She also may have her makeup and hair done by the same people she is planning to use on her wedding day. The bridal photos that result from this session are kept a secret and often a large print that is taken during this session will be displayed later during the wedding reception.

Deciding whether to have "bridals" done or not is completely up to you! However, we think it is very important to be aware of the benefits that a bridal session can provide you with. Then you will be able to determine whether or not it makes sense for you to have one. So what are some of the reasons why you would want to get a bridal portrait session scheduled?

Deciding whether you would like to make changes about your final appearance - One of the great things about a bridal session is it gives you a chance to see how all elements work together. Not only is it exciting to see how beautiful your makeup and hair will look with your wedding dress, but it also provides you with the chance to make tweaks to anything that doesn't look quite the way you thought it would. For example, when you schedule your makeup and hair trial run on the same day that your bridal portrait takes place, it will give you the chance to see the way your beauty translates in photographs.

It might be darker than you thought, or you may want to substitute the Kim Kardashian glamorous look for a more natural one. Or you might realize that your dress could use a bit more tailoring. This is the perfect chance for your "dress rehearsal!"

You have more posing practice with a bridal portrait session - Similar to an engagement session, you have more one-on-one time to spend with your photographer during your bridal session. You will also have the opportunity to practice posing and moving in your wedding press. That way you will be a pro once your special day arrives.

Capture stress-free, beautiful bridal portraits - You know we would say this since you have selected Apex Photography Source! The ideal time for capturing photos of you looking glamorous is during your bridal session. On the wedding day, you can have photos taken of only you as well, but the bridal session gives you the chance to have extra special photos taken without having to worry about a specific timeline. Instead, you can just focus on looking incredible! You will spend a lot of time planning your bridal "look." Therefore, it definitely makes a lot of sense to set aside a few hours for bridal photography to get all of that hard work captured! We also think it is lots of fun!