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Apex Photography Source - About Us

Apex Photography Source's headquarters photography studio is conveniently located in Houston and has been pioneered to showcase some of the world's most fantastic photographs. Apex photography source also has locations in New York, Miami, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. We are a modern and innovative studio that continues pushing the field forward while preserving and respecting the authenticity and unique beauty of traditional textures and forms.


We are distinguished by our storyteller's eye for detail and unique, cinematic approach. There is one basic truth that has always inspired us: the greatest moments in life are those that are defined by not just their subject but the effect they have on others sharing them as well. The passion we have for photography's power to capture the honest emotion that is expressed in the events of our clients is clear from your initial meeting with us as well as each time to visit our studio.

An accomplished videography and photographer Blair Hilsher and his team established Apex Photography Source around 10 years ago after freelance work for churches and photographing friends' weddings developed into more prestigious and larger assignments. As our business grown, we have built a team of outstanding photographers who are all fully committed to our craft and exhibit a truly down-to-earth approach that puts all of our clients at ease.

We use our trademark combination of innovative techniques and technologies in our photography and videography which makes us the photography service of choice for high-profile events, weddings and much more.

Located conveniently in Houston, New York, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, our advanced and new editing studio is a reflection of the spirit of our company as well as our clients: friendly, open and passionate about telling amazing stories through images and the art of photography.

We strongly believe that getting to know you enables us to capture who you truly are, not simply what you look like. What we really want to capture is the way you feel as you are experiencing a special occasion or demonstrate confidence and success in your commercial headshots!