10 Tips to Get You Professional Quality Baby Photography

DIY Newborn Shoots: 10 Tips To Master For Houston Baby Photography

They are regarded as more important in comparison to senior class photos, they receive a lot more exposure than driver’s license photos, and serve the purpose of offering a visual debut to many people… The announcement of a birth photo! If you are anything like me, the newborn photograph announcements are one of the standard types of parenting operating procedures. I have a massive collection of my families’ and friends’ announcements, many of which you will still find displayed on my fridge. Newborn photos that are professional are truly wonderful, yet when you are on a tight budget, you can choose a Target and Sears studio for a professional newborn shoot that will cost you less than $100. Even better, if you own a good quality camera, have some time and a bit of flair, you can even conduct your very own newborn-shoot. Apex Photography Source is happy to give you some tips on this important endeavor!

DIY Newborn Shoot- 10 Tips To Help You Get Started

1. Do It Early

The first few days are the best, which will include anything within the first 10 days. After this period, the baby will not be sleeping as deeply, which means it will become more difficult to pose them. In addition, after the 10-day period, the newborn will develop baby acne, and you really don’t want your infant to show up blemishes on their very first photo.

2. Bring Along A Space Heater

Even in the months of summer, newborns will quickly develop the chills when they are naked or when you change their clothes. A space heater will make sure the surrounding environment is warm and cozy for your tiny model.

3. Wait Until The Baby Is Happy And Sleepy

Once the baby falls asleep you will be able to pose him or her in any way that you would like. If you are able to conduct the shoot in the first few days of their life, this will not be an issue at all. But, if you are anything like us and you try to shoot your photos on day 7 or beyond, you may need to be patient for at least an hour or more before the infant falls into a deeper sleep.

4. Make Sure The Baby Was Recently Changed And Fed

If you would like to avoid mid-photo mishaps, make sure you have changed your newborn just before your shoot. You need to also ensure that your baby is content, well-fed and relaxed.

5. Pose The Infant On A Pile Of Pillows Or A Beanbag

This is a softer perch that will allow you to move your baby into different positions in a comfortable and safe manner. Make sure you never leave the baby unattended during the photo shoot.

6. Use A Black Backdrop

If you are looking to achieve those black and white classic photos of the infant isolated against the black backgrounds, you can use a black blanket, fabric or anything else either pinned to the wall behind the baby or draped over the pillows or beanbag.

7. Think About Textures

If you want to add more interest, think about the addition of different textures. Shoot your baby against a fuzzy fleece, corduroy cloth or woven blanket. These are patterns that will pick-up very nicely in the photos, creating a more organic feel.

8. Experiment With The Settings

The photos of babies inside a crib, bed or in a bath are very common. But if you want your photo shoot to be unique think about positioning your baby over a rug that is decorative, inside a container such as a box or sleeping in dad’s arms or on his chest. The unexpected settings will really add a unique visual interest when it comes to your shots. Many of the amazing professional photographs will feature a spotter’s hand within the shot to keep the infant safe, which is then photo-shopped out at a later stage. Never ever pose your infant in a position that is precarious and then step away in order to take your shot.

9. Lower Your Level

The best photography involves perspective. Experiment with the shots at the level of the baby. These photos will appear like you have entered the world of the baby opposed to looking down.

10. Look For Inspiration From The Professionals

Conduct a Google search for images of Houston baby photography. You can also look through the more popular Houston professional photography blogs. You can also use Flickr for more inspiration for your own newborn shots.

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